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There Once Was a Girl

The project was carried out within the UN joint program for Gender Equality, supported by the government of Sweden.

The overall objective of this project was to increase awareness of the gender equality issues in Georgia, breaking gender stereotypes among new generation (children), especially among (within) rural population.

In order to break stereotypes about the women rights and their social role in Georgian children’s mindset, it was decided to create a special fairy-tales book for the very young population and deliver the important messages through tales. In collaboration with the famous Georgian writers and talented illustrators the fairy-tales collection was created about women in history. The book was named after “THERE ONCE WAS A GIRL” and represented a collection of fairy tales, featuring notable women as main characters. Those fairytales told stories of bravery, determination, wisdom kindness, friendship and fight for integrity and so the Georgian youth will now be sure, that girls can do all the things that boys can.

The special Video interviews have been recorded with the participation of writers and children, to demonstrate the stereotypes that are widely spread in the society.

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