Conscious Exclusive Collection 2018

H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection 2018 was inspired by late 19th  – early 20th century artists, Carl & Karen Larsson and their beautifully imaginative family home in Sweden. The design team drew inspiration from its uniquely Swedish style & color, as well as sustainable materials and the light and breezy feeling that we get when we look at Carl’s art and Karin’s designs.


The brand needed to present this collection in a manner that would emphasize the style and the inspiration itself and would create an artistic and aristocratic atmosphere around it.

McCANN Tbilisi team organized a great presentation of the collection at the Wine Factory on Meliqishvili Avenue, which used to be a kind of hub for intellectuals of all sorts – writers, poets, artists and dissidents. Today, a rare collection of wines is held at the premise, a bottle famously belonging to Napoleon Bonaparte, himself.

The clothes from the collection were presented on a rack, and accessories were laid out on display tables. As the audience walked into the venue, they could see three naked mannequins sitting on a sofa and their privates were covered with leaves to enhance the natural feel. After an official speech, the models started performing ambient movements – like spinning in a dress, crossing and uncrossing legs. This way, we  showcased the clothes both on hangers and in motion and gave the audience a better chance to appreciate the garments.

Getting There
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