Tbilisi Mall
#Giftmeaway #გამასაჩუქრე

What is a gift?

It’s a THING, and It’s us, the future owners, who turn THE THINGS into GIFTS. Every THING dreams of becoming a gift, especially on Christmas days.

That’s how we came up with the campaign name #Giftmeaway #გამასაჩუქრე

The idea was to personify different things that could later become gifts.

From December 1 to 10, 2017 large and strange boxes appeared on two locations in Tbilisi: Pekini and Paliashvili streets. People passing by could hear strange sounds coming from the boxes. It was the sound of things – phone ringing, zipper sound on clothes, rustling and so on. In three days QR Code appeared on the boxes which redirected the viewers to the promo page with teaser videos.

The customers who purchased a gift were offered a gift-wrap for free. while wrapping, a special audio transmitting device was hidden inside the boxes. When they left the stand the hidden camera followed them and captured their emotions when the THINGs inside the boxes started talking to the new owners. The conversation was improvised by an actor at the other end of the device and the dialogue depended on customer’s mood.

And so, we helped THINGs become GIFTS on Christmas eve.

Getting There
71 Vazha-Pshavela Ave.
4th floor, BCV, office #26
Tbilisi 0186, Georgia
+995 (032)2 207 355
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