Coca-Cola Uplift – Find your Rhythm


In the summer of 2021 Coca-Cola launched a global campaign ‘Coke Summer & Music Uplift Breaks’. The whole campaign was aimed at reviving and inspiring people tired of the worldwide pandemic through music and raising the audience mood by following the slogan “Turn Up Your Rhythm”.

Communication spread out with interesting creative forms in Georgia. The McCann Tbilisi team used Georgians’ passion for music and developed a unique, local idea that involved bringing a large dose of music to the country. Special QR codes with Coke branding, representing different playlists were created on Spotify and scattered all over Georgia. After scanning them with a smartphone, one would find a Spotify playlist – visually attractive and easily scannable material featuring music for different lifestyles, moods and identities uniquely connected to particular locations.

Coca-Cola has not forgotten audiences who were isolated, or rarely left their home for various reasons. When ordering their favorite menus on Wolt delivery service, consumers were given a Coke magnetic card with an exceptional visual, which contained a playlist very suitable for the dish that was ordered.

The culmination of the Uplift campaign was a music video which expressed the spirit of the whole communication. It was shot in the eclectic streets of Batumi, featuring the original music from famous Georgian artists Eko Deisadze and Vinda Folio.

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