Be Responsible, Stay Home
Be Responsible, Stay Home

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, most of the organizations had to start organizing home offices for their employees, so they would stay safe and be able to still work from distance.

In order to keep our team safe and healthy, McCann Tbilisi also supported the “work from home” campaign and reorganized our working style before the pandemic was widespread in our country.

To notify everyone that we were participating in the campaign, we created a small graphic video, featuring the letters of “Tbilisi” going home through an open door. By the end of the video, we told everyone what was and still remains the most important proclamation – “Be Responsible, Stay Home”.

Posted by McCann Tbilisi on შაბათი, 21 მარტი, 2020

Olso, in order to study the public’s attitudes and emotions toward the pandemic, McCann conducted a research, during March and April, in more than 20 countries around the world, including Georgia. More than 60 000 were questioned. The results were different in different countries, some were more worried about the situation than others and some thought that their country wasn’t properly prepared for the pandemic.

The research in Georgia was conducted by our team. It showed that most Georgians are quite worried about the pandemic but the attitude toward the situation is more positive than in other countries. 88.4% of the questioned citizens think that the country and government was well-prepared for the pandemic and they declare medics as modern heroes. Society turned out to be as well-prepared for the threat as the government and the majority strictly followed the WHO recommendations. Overall, our country coped with the situation pretty smoothly as the society was really conscious about the threat and the professional medics did the best job. This easily explains the positive attitudes toward the pandemic.

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