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Truth About Coronavirus

Dear Reader and McCann Friend,

“These are unprecedented times”—a phrase that resounds across media and conversation as the world is gripped by the pandemic of a lifetime. There is little doubt that few individuals living today have witnessed a public health crisis at such scale. And, it is undeniable that the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic will transform our world in countless ways.

However, as we look to humanity’s shared history, we know that the conquest of crisis has been a fundamental dimension of our heritage. Through adversity, humanity has formulated not only a range of short-term tactics and long-term strategies to overcome historical challenge, but also a core set of values that unite us. These human truths help us to make sense of circumstances that often feel beyond our control.

As cultural researchers, we will be publishing a series of materials that will provide a close-up view of the immediate cultural context, while also providing a broader perspective to enable strategic vision, creative ambition, and humanitarian responsiveness. The first of these materials is a research conducted by Strategy teams of McCann Worldgroup, its rep-offices and affiliate members in various countries. In McCann, we call the team working on this – The Truth Champions. 

The research shows what the customers and society expect mostly from brands, what is the overall attention towards pandemic, who are the best players in communication with the nations, what people feel with pandemic risks, how closer they become with loved ones, loved brands, loved communities etc. All these are the human truths.

We compiled truths for you to better understand your customer, know what they expect and desire. This exclusive research is not just a complimentary service from your partner McCann, we are a loved brand and we also know how helpful this information could be in connections and cooperation’s. In addition, we acknowledge the Social Responsibilities and do our best to soften the stress emerged after COVID outbreak.

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