Bolt Food x Mastercard packages
Bolt Food x Mastercard packages

McCann Tbilisi team worked on Bolt Food and Mastercard’s joint campaign, creating the concept and design of the new food delivery packages.

The package was supposed to be outstanding and pleasant, focusing on food but emphasizing Mastercard’s participation as well.

The team came up with a concept that is linked to mastercard both visually and textually. 

Visually it features a round plate (with a fork and a knife) that complements Mastercard logo circles and is linked to dining and food as well.

The selected message for the campaign is: ისიამოვნე რჩეული გემოებით Mastercard®-თან ერთად / Enjoy the favorite tastes with Mastercard®

The message is put in Georgian and English on two different sides of the package, so that it will be understandable and relatable for locals and foreigners as well. 


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